6 Ways The Labor Shortage is Spurring Industry Change

As of the summer of 2016, the building recession appears to be ending. Project demand is booming in both residential and commercial sectors. Most construction firms are optimistic about near-term future prospects. And, according to a report by The Associated General Contractors of America, many firms are looking to increase their payrolls. Yet this healthy turnaround, the one we’ve been waiting for almost a decade, presents the industry with a problem. With fewer young Americans choosing to learn a skilled trade and more construction employees choosing to retire, the country is experiencing a construction and skilled labor shortage.

This isn’t new information. Newspapers, trade journals and other media outlets have reported it ad nauseam. So the question isn’t how did we get here; it’s how do we cope?  Download our newest infographic and find six innovative solutions that may just help you think outside the box: 

How the Labor Shortage is Spurring Industry Change | via TAPED, the ECHOtape blog6 Ways to Cope with the Labor Shortage | via TAPED, the ECHOtape blog

Contributing source materials for this infographic include:  Wall Street Journal. Associated General Contractors of AmericaEye on Housing. Construction Dive magazine.