All Things Double Sided Carpet Tape

Did you know that our double-sided carpet tape is used by the largest exhibition and trade show companies in the world? Clearly, we are serious about carpet tape.  And while there are a lot of available alternatives, there’s a good reason why ours is favored by so many professionals — it’s reliable, easy to use, and always gets the job done. In fact, professional contractors consider our double-sided carpet tape the industry standard so here’s what you need to know.

What is Double Sided Carpet Tape?

Coated with adhesive on both sides, carpet tape is specifically designed to stick really well to two surfaces creating a strong bond.  Indeed, its first-rate performance can be attributed to three keys factors.

• Extreme stickiness: Our specially formulated adhesive gives our tape an aggressive hold that means your rug or flooring product won’t slip, bunch, or come undone.

• Removability: Unlike other carpet tapes on the market, ours is designed to be removable. But in order for this feature to be an advantage we needed to formulate an adhesive that would not damage the surface beneath it, nor leave any residue behind. These qualities are critical when adhering rugs or other flooring products for temporary events like trade shows, boardroom meetings, and grand openings or to surfaces like laminate flooring that cannot be easily repaired.

• Versatility. Most tapes on the market are only meant to secure carpeting to hard surfaces. Our specifically formulated double-coated tape will work on textile surfaces including existing carpeting or textured surfaces like concrete. It can also be applied in cool temperatures (perfect for chilly basements, warehouses, or outdoor use) and is moisture and heat resistant.

10 Surfaces That Are Compatible with Carpet Tape

Our double-sided carpet tape is specially formulated to have an aggressive hold and the ability to remove cleanly without leaving residue or damaging the surface beneath it. But these two features don’t mean as much unless the tape works with the surfaces you’re using.

Whether you’re installing temporary carpeting or other flooring products, check out this list of compatible surfaces and their applications.

• hardwood flooring: residential homes, patios, restaurants, ballrooms, boardrooms

• laminate flooring: residential homes, sunrooms, offices, finished basements, playrooms

• cork flooring: children’s play areas, museums, high traffic spaces where you need a comfortable walking and standing surface

• carpeting: retail stores, hotels, boardrooms, convention centers, commercial gyms

• tile: residential homes, commercial kitchens, dentist offices

• concrete: warehouses, basements, garages, commercial storage units

• vinyl flooring: commercial kitchens, retail stores, elementary schools

• asphalt: outdoor use at carnivals or county fairs

• rubber: gymnasium floors, commercial kitchens, retail stores

• epoxy flooring: airports, factories, breweries, cafeterias, sports stadiums, hospitals


Best Uses for Double-Sided Carpet Tape

“A lot of people look at carpet tape as a one-job wonder, but carpet is only part of the story,” says Risa Edelstein, “For professional contractors and exhibition and trade show professionals alike, our double-coated carpet tape has become an essential, multi-surface flooring tool, limited only by imagination.”

Don’t believe it? Check out how our customers and their industries are using double-sided carpet tape:


  • foam rubber flooring squares over concrete subfloor at commercial gyms
  • mats at physical therapy centers
  • area rugs and carpet runners at assisted living centers
  • rubber floor tiling at hospitals


  • carpeting in airport terminals
  • floor coverings in museum galleries
  • entrance mats at hotels
  • sustainable flooring at trade show booths
  • temporary aisle carpeting at convention centers
  • carpeting in stadium skyboxes
  • no-slip mats in commercial kitchens


  • temporary rugs for boardroom meetings
  • carpet tile in offices
  • vestibule tiles in office lobbies
  • anti-fatigue mats in factories
  • rubber floor runner in warehouses
  • holding plastic drop cloths in place
  • eye wash station mats in laboratories


  • doormats in retail shops
  • vinyl industrial mats at grocery store checkouts
  • salon chair mats in hair salons
  • non-conductive industrial mats in mechanic bays

With more than 40 years in the adhesive tape industry, we wrote the book on adhesive tape problems and solutions.  To learn more about double-sided carpet tape or inquire about your specific situation, please contact us. We love to solve unique tape challenges!