Construction Tape Trends with ECHOtape and ASI magazine

Construction Tape Trends with ECHOtape | via ASI magazine

It’s a common mantra around here at ECHOtape, but it bears repeating:  Choosing the right tape could make a huge difference in a project’s integrity, longevity and energy efficiency.

Recently, Adhesives & Sealants Industry magazine, allowed us to dive deeper into this subject as it relates to construction tape trends; specifically, rubber, butyl and acrylic adhesive tapes.  Indeed, as customers demand more energy-efficient homes and building energy codes become stricter, it’s essential for U.S. builders to know the differences between tapes’ performance level over time, longevity in weather extremes, watertight and airtight features, and more.

Read what nationally-recognized industry experts David Joyce, owner of Synergy Companies Construction LLC, and Matt Risinger, owner of Risinger Homes in Austin, have to say about the future of construction tapes in the complete ASI article here.