Who We Are

At ECHOtape, our goal is to provide high-performance tape solutions to our customers with high-touch, personalized service. But our story is—and always has been—about family.


To be the tape company of choice.


To provide tape solutions, one customer at a time.

The ECHOtape Story

How It All Began

Back in 1973, Stanley and Marilyn Edelstein started ECHOtape with a blue Volkswagen and a single roll of packing tape. Having studied engineering, pressure-sensitive tape captured Stanley’s imagination and he spent several years working for a local tape and chemical distributor in the Midwest before moving his young family to Marilyn’s hometown of Montreal, Canada, and launching Edelstein Diversified.

Like most start-ups, the early years were lean. Stanley worked tirelessly, attending every trade show he could, and getting to know customers. Over the years, these relationships that were built one handshake at a time became the bedrock of our company

Decades of Growth and Change

By the 1980s, we had moved from the trunk of the VW into a small building in Montreal and hired our first employees—some who are still leading ECHOtape today, like Mike Grevatt, Senior VP of Sales. While our product lines grew to include many different kinds of specialty tapes, it was our personal relationships that continued to fuel our success.

During the 1990s and 2000s, we expanded even more: opening warehouses, growing our team, and adding tape conversion operations, which opened up new markets. We also re-envisioned the company as ECHOtape—a name reflecting the reverberation, the echo—of expertise and service that Stanley and Marilyn instilled into every facet of the business.

Our ECHOtape Family

Over the years, Stanley made it a point to routinely check in with customers while Marilyn oversaw day-to-day operations. Both founders set an example of connecting, listening, and learning from the people they considered to be family—the ECHOtape family. Their commitment to value our customers and employees remains deeply ingrained in everything we do. 

Since Stanley passed away in 2005, Mike Grevatt, along with his brother Stephen who helped open out first US operations and the Edelstein’s daughters, Cherie and Risa, are leading the company, providing continuity and keeping it in the ECHOtape family. We’re proud of our reputation as tape experts who provide the highest level of customer care, but what continues to set ECHOtape apart is our commitment to family. 

Where We Go From Here

Adhesive technology is evolving and adapting as fast as the industries we serve. At ECHOtape, we see this as an opportunity to lead in our field and partner with our customers to solve their challenges. “There were many times we considered expanding our product line beyond adhesive tape,” says Risa Edelstein, VP of Marketing. “But each time we chose to stay lean and focused on our core competencies of both technical tape expertise and knowledge accompanied by exceptional customer care.” With a half century of experience solving tape challenges, ECHOtape is uniquely positioned to seize the opportunities that lie ahead. 

While it’s true that Stanley and Marilyn may not have envisioned a world where tape would replace nails and screws, they did know one thing: People matter. And it’s by focusing on the customers, suppliers, and employees who make up our ECHOtape family that we will always deliver on their legacy.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

At ECHOtape, we strive to foster a work culture that values diversity and inclusion at all levels. Our team reflects this value and we believe makes us stronger as a company, promoting inclusive perspectives when working with others. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, culture, education. Our business practices and policies pertaining to recruitment and selection; compensation and benefits; and promotions, transfers, and terminations are built to ensure the ongoing development of a work environment based on the premise of equity for all.

More About Us
and Our People

As a company that values people, we take the time to acknowledge our challenges, accomplishments, and each other. Peruse our archive to learn more.