All Weather/Cold Weather Double Sided Polyester Tape

DC-M194A is a high-performance, double-sided polyester film tape, designed specifically to work well in cold weather temperatures. Often used in commercial construction and metal building insulation applications, the double-sided PET tape is also versatile enough for a broad range of environmental conditions.


The most common applications for the double-sided polyester tape (PET tape) include:

  • mounting insulation
  • creating lap seals on laminated insulation, reflective insulation, and jacketing insulation
  • permanently bonding foams, plastics, metals, and composite materials
  • mounting smooth surface substrates in cold temperatures (such as freezers)

Features of the double-sided polyester tape (PET tape) include:

  • superior holding power
  • bonds well to a variety of surfaces
  • specially formulated as a cold weather adhesive tape
  • polyester (PET) carrier allows for UV resistance
  • can tear the tape by hand
  • can apply the tape by hand or with a machine

The double-sided polyester film tape (PET tape) tape is coated with a specially engineered acrylic adhesive that’s designed to work exceptionally well in cold temperatures.


The PET tape is an all-weather and cold temperature tape:

  • specifically designed for extremely cold weather
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • UV resistant

The polyester film tape (PET tape) is available in the following sizes:

  • 1 inch by 60 yards / 24 mm by 55 m
  • 1.5 inches by 60 yards / 36 mm by 55 m
  • 2 inches by 60 yards / 48 mm by 55 m

The high-performance, polyester film tape (PET tape) is transparent.


The tape is most commonly used by:

  • metal building insulation contractors
  • commercial construction contractors

The part number for this tape is DC-M194A.

  • Use for lap seals on laminated, reflective and pipe jacketing insulation
  • Use to mount smooth surface substrates in freezers
  • Use for permanently bonding foams, plastics, metals and composite materials.
  • Use for insulation mounting
Features & Benefits
  • Hand tearable
  • Hand or machine applied
  • Excellent holding power
  • Specially formulated cold weather adhesive
  • Bonds well to a variety of surfaces
  • PET carrier allows for UV resistance
  • Performs well under a broad range of environmental conditions


Technical Data
SIZES 1.41 in x 60 yd. | 36 mm x 55 m
1.41 in x 180 yd. | 36 mm x 165 m
1.41 in x 360 yd. | 36 mm x 330 m
Carrier Polyester Film
Adhesive Acrylic
Release Liner Siliconized Paper
Total Thickness 3.6 mils
Tensile 7.7 lbs/in
Adhesion 40 oz/in
Application Temperature Range -4°F to 176°F (-20°C to 90°C)
Service Temperature Range -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Elongation 75%
Color Transparent


Storage & Usage Conditions

Store tape in its original packaging away from direct sunlight and in a cool and dry area. For optimum performance, tape should be used within 12 months of date of shipment. Tape works best when applied to a surface that is clean, dry and free of grease, oil or other contaminants.


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