METALCON 2014 – On The Road with ECHOtape

ECHOtape at MetalCon2014

ATTENTION METALHEADS!! Ok, not the ’80s rock band version. We’re talking METALCON, the nation’s top trade show designed to bring together building owners and contractors from across the country to highlight the newest in sustainable, energy efficient, solar, and green technologies relating to metal building construction. And ECHOtape is going to be there!

Here’s the 411: The event will be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO, with activities beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014, at 8:30AM and continue through Friday, Oct. 3 until 2:00PM. Look for ECHOtape on the exhibition floor at booth #430, where we have our entire line of performance-based and competitively priced insulation tapes, which we debuted earlier this year. Plus, we’re proud to announce the addition of  several new insulation tape products, including the White and Metallized Polypropylene Facing Tape and the All Temperature ASJ Facing Tape, as well as the Surface Protective Film Line.

“METALCON is the go-to event for showcasing advancement in the metal construction industry,” said Risa Edelstein, director of marketing and retail products. “ECHOtape’s new insulation tapes are ideal for the metal construction industry, as the tapes offer residential and commercial contractors high performance and high value options for their insulation needs.”

The featured new insulation tape product line released earlier this year includes:

  • All Purpose Aluminum Foil Tape – Seals joints and seams of foil-faced insulation materials.
  • All Purpose White Aluminum Foil Tape – Used to lap joint and vapor seal on foil face board, joining and sealing flexible air duct seams, and general purpose holding, patching, and masking applications.
  • All Temperature FSK Insulation Tape – Seals and seams joints of FSK laminated board and jacketing insulation.
  • Cold Weather Double Coated Polyester Tape – Applications include lap seals on laminated and reflective insulation, permanent bonding of foam, plastic, metal, and composite, and insulation mounting.

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