Customer Spotlight: The Albert M. Higley Co.

Featured Project: Eaton Corporation World Headquarters—The Albert M. Higley Co.


The Albert M. Higley Co. is a construction firm located in Cleveland, Ohio that operates in both the residential and commercial construction sector. To date, they have completed over $7 billion in construction projects in their six key areas of expertise: education, industrial, healthcare, offices/interiors, public/non-profit, and urban living. The Albert M. Higley Co. is known for building solid relationships, not only with their clients and local partners but with their in-house talent. The typical tenure at their firm is 14 years and as a result they can offer their clients a project team with an average of 28 years of industry experience. They were also recently named one of Northeast Ohio’s Best Places to Work.

As a company that specializes in the construction and renovation of commercial buildings, the team at Albert M. Higley Co. often needs to hang polyethylene sheets to prevent dirt and dust from spreading to other areas of the building. After receiving a recommendation to check out ECHOtape, they decided to give our All Purpose High Tack Polyethylene Tape a try.

“The guys really like the adhesion level. ‘It sticks to everything, and leaves no residue upon removal.’ [It] sticks better to poly films than any other tape they have used in the past. They also love that they go through only 1 roll of the [tape]…to get the job done versus 3 rolls of the competitor’s brand.” —Lori Wetzel, Construction Yard Manager

We love it when we can make a contractor’s job easier! To learn more about The Albert M. Highley Co. you can visit them at their website. To learn more about the right tape for your project needs, contact the ECHOtape team today.