Celebrating ECHOtape’s Customer Service Recognition Week: “We Say YES!”

Sure, we make great products, but more importantly, we have wonderfully loyal customers! In a world where people have become extremely value conscious, one of the only ways to compete is with outstanding customer service.  Create a better experience and you create better value. So while customer satisfaction comes first 365 days a year at ECHOtape, we believe it’s equally important to celebrate the core service team that delivers such loyalty and value every day.

Celebrating Customer Service Recognition Week at ECHOtape | via TAPED, the ECHOtape blog

Welcome to Customer Service Recognition Week at ECHOtape.

ECHOtape’s customer service team is first rate, both in how they work, as well as how they motivate each other throughout the work week. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers daily and provides the means for the company to know each customer personally. Did you know that some of our customers have been ordering tape from us for decades? And some of our team members have been with us for decades as well!

ECHOtape Customer Recognition Week | via TAPED, the ECHOtape blog

The them and slogan for this year’s Customer Service Recognition Week was, “I say YES!”  We had plenty of fun events planned for the week, including a game or two for each day. Past games have included “Service Sudoku,” “Name that Tape,” and one special “objectives” game day, where a specific sales goal is set and teams compete for the prize. In the past these “Winning Wednesdays” have involved orders entered and specific products sold. When we compete for these objectives, everyone at ECHOtape wins!

ECHOtape Customer Service Week

During this week, the ECHOtape sales team honors the hard work of our service team by sending them flowers and cupcakes and arranging special lunch dates.  At the end of the week, ECHOtape hosts a dedicated lunch  to thank everyone for their participation. Between the competition, games, prizes, and recognition, this is a fantastic week that really boosts morale and makes the Customer Service Team feel appreciated.

ECHOtape Customer Service Recognition week 2

We have been celebrating our Customer Service team this way for a few years now.  It helps us take time to remember that making customers happy and paying attention to their daily needs takes a lot of effort, dedication and commitment.  This company ritual allows us to remember to stop and recognize the team that is on the front lines with our customers day in and day out.  Their efforts are critical in helping make ECHOtape a great success and this special week allows all of us to acknowledge the herculean effort they take on every day!!

What recognition rituals do you have at our company?