Meet the ECHOtape Team

Who is ECHOtape?  We are a tight-knit group of 85 people, several dogs, and a few bossy cats working to make things stick.

Together, we’re the secret sauce behind ECHOtape.

We love what we do, and who we do it with, so we created a new Meet the Team page to tell you about us.  To shine a light on the men and women behind the brand, making the magic happen every day.  Want to know more about Operations or Product Development? You can even sort the teams by department or, just click on a smiling face and learn more. (Boomie is a bit of a bragger, but for good reason!)

All told, we work as a seamless team across all of North America—some in our Canadian office, some in the U.S. office, and many from remote home offices.  We are committed to making sure each and every customer gets the products and service they deserve.  That said, we also fancy baked goods, summers on the fairway, long walks on the beach, and roller derby.  Some of us are brothers and sisters. A few have been here since 1973.  Many of us have been here for more than 20 years.  And yes, some are celebrating their first anniversary. But all of us act like family.  Because we are.

Come say hi!!