Customer Spotlight: Midwest Steel Carports

Barns. Garages. Warehouses. If you can envision the metal building of your dreams, the team at Midwest Steel Carports can make it happen… with a little help from ECHOtape’s metal building tape products.

The Best Metal Building Tape for Midwest Steel Carports

What began as a modest family-owned metal building company in 2013  has grown to become one of INC 500’s fastest-growing private companies in America. That’s a huge achievement for a tight-knit, family-owned business that’s grown from five to 30 employees and counting.

ECHOtape first connected with Purchasing Manager Rodrigo Aguilar at MetalCon 2018 in Charlotte, NC.

“From insulating radiant barriers to seaming metal roofs, we use double-sided tape pretty heavily in all our builds,” says Aguilar.  Finding a tape that would hold its seal no matter the Midwest weather fluctuations — extreme cold, rain, and heat — had been a particular challenge. ECHOtape’s extreme temperature ratings seemed promising. After returning from MetalCon, Aguilar ordered a few rolls to test on his next insulation project. The rest is history.

These days, Aguilar places a steady order of DC-M194A All-Weather Double Sided Tape and PE-M4535 Seaming Tape from ECHOtape’s expanding online store.

“Ordering online has been really efficient,” says Aguilar.  “I can order exactly what I need for the specific project, and have it delivered to the warehouse or the job site.  Customer service has been fantastic, and their team has been a great resource when I have a question or need to troubleshoot specific issues.”

Customer Spotlight with Midwest Steel Carports & Metal Buildings | ECHOtape
What began as a modest, family-owned metal building company in 2013 has grown to the original five (shown here) to more than 30 employees and named one of INC 500’s fastest-growing private companies in America.

Winning Big With Customer Focus

Aguilar continues: “At Midwest, we’re an incredibly customer-oriented company. We like to take care of the needs of our clients, nurturing them through the process from quote to installation and long after.  What’s great is that ECHOtape is exactly the same way. They hold the same values we do when it’s come to customer service and family-owned businesses. It’s a great partnership and a fantastic product.”

The mission at Midwest Steel Carports is to be the leading customer-centric carport company that helps people protect what matters most to them. But truth be told, they are more than just carports. Their projects encompass metal buildings of all shapes and sizes including barns, carports, garages, RV carports, sheds, warehouses, and more. That expansion has been fueled by an increased need for steel and metal building in both residential and commercial applications. It’s a rapid growth that shows no sign of slowing.  The company expanded its reach from Michigan and Wisconsin into Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana, “and this year, we moved our corporate offices to Texas,” says Aguilar.

“We’ve been doubling new builds every single year.  That’s in part to our customer experience, but it’s also the fact that steel offers better longevity than wood products. Switching from lumber to steel may be slightly more expensive at the outset, but it’s more efficient in the long run. Consumers and businesses are looking for that longevity.”