Tape Challenge: Reflective LED Lighting for Indoor Sports Complex

Tape Challenge Vinyl Fabric to Painted Steel | via TAPED, the ECHOtape blogWhat does indoor tennis have to do with tape?

Well, earlier this year, we received a tape challenge from an indoor sports lighting company.  The company, who installs professional LED lighting in large indoor tennis arenas, had developed a new way to enhance the lighting without adding extra wattage by draping reflective fabric from the purlins of the complex.

Originally,  the company was using a liquid adhesive to hang the fabric, but the smell was causing dizziness and nausea among the installers and players alike.  An alternative was needed, and fast.

ECHOtape to the rescue!

First, we needed to assess the surfaces. In this case, they were bonding a vinyl reflective fabric to painted steel purlins.  Once we knew the substrates, we needed to understand the stress the tape would be under, i.e. how much load would the tape bear after applying it to the fabric, and how long they needed it to hold. Since this would be a permanent installation, the adhesive needed longevity against the forces of gravity.

We dove into our catalog and looked at tapes that could handle differential surfaces with permanent load bearing. DC-U032A High Performance Double Sided Tape seemed to be a natural fit.

Coated with an ultra-strong acrylic adhesive, this tape has an instant high tact for a quick stick to almost any flat surface, making it ideal for creating a permanent bond between metal, plastic, wood, glass or fabric. We chose a 3” width to match the width of the purlins.

Of course, in order to ensure the success of the tape, we needed to test it. We sent the company a sample, along with strict application directions. During the testing phase, the company put extra stressors on the tape, tugging and pulling on the fabric in extreme manners, and subjecting it to additional heat and cold. None of which would happen in this temperature controlled environment.

Shortly after the testing phase, we received the first of several orders for various jobs. The company remains happy with the ease and strength of the application, and, of course, fumes are not an issue.

At ECHOtape we offer a full range of specialty tapes that can work in all kinds of circumstances, like the LED lighting tape solution listed above. Contact our ECHOtape team with your tape request if you want help determining which product is best for your particular project.

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