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FS-K7751 All Weather FSK (Foil/Scrim/Kraft) Insulation Facing Tape


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    FS-K7751 is an adhesive tape used to primarily seal foil faced insulation such as FSK faced fiberglass ductboard and blanket systems installed by mechanical insulation contractors. It is coated with a high performance, flame retardant cold weather acrylic adhesive that does well in low temperatures and provides a strong bond to a variety of surfaces and textures. The epoxy resin coating helps protect the surface against corrosion from moisture. The paper liner protects the adhesive from contaminants when you need to cut the tape to specific lengths ensuring a strong bond once applied. This tape is UL 723 Classified and mold resistant.


    • Use to seam and join Foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK) laminated board and jacketing insulation
    • Use to patch and repair tears in foil faced insulation
    • An initial quick stick helps speed up application
    • Creates a strong bond to a variety of surfaces and textures
    • Mold resistant
    • Designed for tear resistant sealing
    • Easy to remove paper liner


    SIZES 1.89 in x 50 yd | 48 mm x 45,72 m / 2.83 in x 50 yd
    72 mm x 45,72 m / 3.78 in x 50 yd | 96 mm x 45,72 m
    4.72 in x 50 yd | 120 mm x 45,72 m
    CARRIER Aluminum Foil/Scrim/Kraft (FSK)
    ADHESIVE Acrylic
    RELEASE LINER Kraft Paper
    TOTAL THICKNESS 5.5 mils
    TENSILE 27.3 lb/in
    ADHESION 54 oz/in
    APPLICATION TEMPERATURE -4°F to 104°F / -20°C to 48°C
    SERVICE TEMPERATURE -31°F to 248°F / -35°C to 120°C
    COLOR Silver

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